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wow great images :)


Very nice, love your b&w shots.


nice catch


Again, you captured ordinary Filipino scenes and made them spectacular! That's a lot fish! ;)


amazing sydneyyyyy


Sidney, these are amazing footage. Your series is so enlightening. These are stories no one covers in the country because they are not glamorous and the media may just as soon forget ir. What a shame that it takes a foreign visitor to shed light to some of the issues that plague the country.


i like milkfish :)i have a dream that one day i could catch a milkfish :)

simple and remarkable pictures ;-)

Gérard Méry

La première a une définition de grande qualité ,


Wow, I'd like to see those milkfishes jump with my own eyes. It's unbelievable!

Nice series again Sidney. Cheers!

Have a great Sunday ahead, yah.



There's that Klu Klux Klan guy again! This is gonna be like "Where's Willie?"

Cool shots!


Awesome shots Sidney!

When I was a kid I witnessed personally how a "bangus" (milkfish) jumped like the ones in the picture... I'd never thought they really move like that because I usually saw them frozen and ready to be sold...


love all of them sidney, some more superb work by you....8/10


great i like your last images and the work's tones


Another telling series. That last shot of all the fish flipping about is an amazing capture of action.
Fine shooting.


Sidney, the mass of jumping fish is just amazing. What is with that guy in the mask?

Toxic Lens

Love the jumping fish! It's amazing how many are kept in a small space though.

outdoorexposure the last shot...fishes jumping updown from the water...amazing capture:-)) and really a lot of fishes there!!


Tena koe ehoa
The workings of man to make a living in the Phillipines is very interesting Sidney. The guy with the mask is sinister looking why the mask?
Love the expression in the top image as well.


We're fishing with them.
Thes shots are so much true.


Hi Sidney! Are you going to the frog festival in San Fernando on Oct. 12? You should come really early for the frog catching.


this fish springs!

as usual a great documentatio of your country


Impressive expression of the first fisherman...


The top fisherman doesn't look too happy here.

Otto K.

Hey, there's that masked guy again. Really like that last shot. Great action.

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